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Tips and Tricks for Kayaking!

Tips for beginner kayakers or for anyone trying to get a leg up in their kayak racing game. 

How to Hold Your Paddle

Hold your paddle a little wider than shoulder-width apart with an overhand grip.

Make sure your paddle blades are vertical with the shorter part of the blade on the bottom

How to Paddle

Dip one side of the paddle in the water just ahead of you, just below the surface of the water. 

While pulling the water past with your bottom arm, twist your torso and use your other arm to push the other side of the paddle forward. 

Make sure you are not slicing the water, you always want to make sure you keep your paddle blade in a vertical position where you can pull the water towards you. 

Changing Direction

To turn left, dip you paddle blade in the water on your right side and paddle until you are completely turned. To turn right, follow those steps on the left side.

To go backward, rotate your paddle 180 degrees so that the paddle is now facing backward (the shorter part of the paddle should now be on the top). Dip your blade into the water just behind you and push your paddle forward while pulling with your other arm toward yourself. 

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