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Here are some additional details about the disc golf course:

  • The course is open during kayak rental hours

  • There is a small day use fee for the grounds

  • Discs are provided as long as they are returned

  • We will be selling discs and other related products

New Disc Golf Course Coming to SPPF

Susan's Pleasant Pheasant Farm has recently begun developing a disc golf course. The course will include 18 holes, located on the property grounds with varying terrain including open fields, wooded areas, and a pond. This course will be enjoyable for players at any level. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors in the Catskills, be sure to check it out!

Screen Shot 2023-07-13 at 7.17.21 PM.png

Rules of Disc Golf

  • The goal of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws.

  • A hole begins with a tee throw, and is completed when the disc comes to rest in the
    designated disc golf basket.

  • Players take turns throwing from the tee area, and the player whose disc is farthest from the hole is always the next to throw.

  • Players can use any of their discs for each throw, or use the same disc for multiple throws.

  • The lie is the spot where the player's previous throw landed. Mark each lie with a mini marker disc or leave the thrown disc on the ground where it landed. The players subsequent throw is made from directly behind the marked lie.

  • The fairway is any location that is more than 10 meters away from the hole. Fairway throws must be made from directly behind the lie.

  • A mandatory also called a mando is one or more designated trees or poles in the fairway.
    Players must throw around the mando, and cannot throw directly at it.

  • A penalty stroke is incurred for any of the following:

    • Throwing out of bounds

    • Hitting a tree or other object

    • Stepping past the lie before the disc comes to rest

    • Calling a lie that is not accurate

    • The player with the lowest total strokes for the entire course wins

  • Players must stay on the designated path unless they are taking a penalty stroke. Players must not interfere with other players throws.

  • Players must be respectful of the environment and other park users.

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