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2023 Grounds Rules

There are a few rules we ask you to adhere to while on the property to ensure that you get the most out of your visit and so we can keep Susan's Pleasant Pheasant Farm running smoothly!

  • Please, when you are returning your boat:

    • Make sure the inside and seat are clean and free of any mud or dirt 

    • Make sure the boats have been pulled all the way up the hill with a clear path for people walking and other boaters

    • Make sure the boats have been turned upside down to prevent rain from collecting in the bottom of it


  • Please, while on property:

    • Make sure to respect the landscape! You can admire the pretty wildflowers and other plants but please don't pick them

    • Make sure rocks and other landscaping elements stay where they belong 

    • We have worked hard to create a beautiful landscape for everyone to enjoy but it takes your help to keep it that way :)


  • We ask that there be no inflatables on property (including boats and innertubes) for the safety of you and the environment (invasive species are a pain!)


  • We have various picnic tables on property for you to enjoy but please pick up all of your trash and take it with you! (there are trash cans at the front desk if needed)

Maintaining our grounds takes a village, and with your help is greatly appreciated!

Let's have a great season and enjoy the beautiful catskill summer.

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