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Available Watercrafts

We have something for all skill levels, ages, and sizes!

*All boat rentals last "As long as you are having fun!" and include access to our grounds, picnic areas, walking trails, and an idyllic swimming hole

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Single Kayaks

Kayaks are some of our most popular boats to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of our lake. Single kayaks offer an experience similar to walking and talking, you can chat with your friend while you admire the scenes at your own pace!

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Tandem Kayaks

We also offer tandem kayaks. It is a little bit trickier to stay in sync, not everyone can be like The Rockettes, but it is a great option for adults to help out with paddling for a child. The larger cockpit allows for easier entry and exit and the high-backed seats allow for a very comfortable trip

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Sit-On Top Kayaks

Sit-on tops are an open variety of kayaks that allow for easy entry and exit. They are very comfortable and allow for paddlers of all sizes thanks to their graduated foot braces!



Canoes are perfect for a day trip! They can be a bit more tippy than the kayaks at times, especially with young ones hanging over the sides to admire nature but otherwise offer stability to fish or enjoy the calm waters!


The price is for 2 paddlers, each additional person is $10

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Stand-Up Paddle Boards

While stand-up paddle boards can be a little bit of a balancing act, they are a fun way to connect with surrounding nature, especially if you aren't afraid to get a little wet!


Row Boats

Row Boats are making their post-pandemic debut this summer. Come try out our newly painted and repaired boats, perfect for a family with young kids or someone looking to live out their nursery rhyme dream!


The price is for 2 paddlers, each additional person is $10


Season Grounds


Join us for a summer summer full off fun, beauty, and adventure. The season grounds pass gives you unlimited access to the grounds of our property. This includes, the picnic tables, walking trails, hiking trails, wildflower gardens, and the swimming hole!

Season Kayak

Our season kayaking pass includes kayaking all summer long, including before and after hours! Paddlers enjoy getting out on the quiet waters before the rush of the day and learning about the many kayak options we have to offer!

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